Talk: Dr. B. Duncan McKinlay

Attended a talk by Dr. B. Duncan McKinlay, a psychologist in London Ontario, who runs a program called Leaky Brakes. He is doing ground-breaking research in his field, and says that the way we attempt to manage children with a wide range of neurological issues is wrong, that traditional methods do not work. Here are my rough notes:

Leaky Brakes 101 Course. Child and Parent Resource institute.

Siblings with lower self-control have poorer outcomes despite shared family backgrounds.

ADHD = Attention Focus Disorder

Intellectual or Neural Developmental Disability

“…forcing compliance misses the point: they want to comply too.”

Poor self-regulation

There is nothing to do about Rage once it starts. “I don’t remember” is a defense mechanism.


  • Do a brake job, cognitive-behavioral techniques and pharmaceuticals.
  • Find a detour: accommodate as opposed to modify.
  • Provide an external brake by compensating what is lacking internally.

Teacher’s assistant/Special Needs = Surrogate Frontal Lobe.



Link: The A to Z of beauty baddies

From The Ecologist: The A to Z of beauty baddies: Ingredients to avoid in cosmetics and more.

Help for victims of Locked In Syndrome – Two BBC articles

The technology in this article and video is incredible. This is the early works of viable and working technology that will help those who suffer from locked-in syndrome, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and more. As one article says The inner workings of the brain can now be read using low cost hardware. This technology would be termed a game changer or a 10X.
Read the articles and watch the videos:

Article from Yoga Workout Headquarters: Simple Yet Highly Refreshing Restorative Yoga

There is a very useful article from entitled Simple Yet Highly Refreshing Restorative Yoga that talks about the benefits of restorative yoga, and recommends restorative yoga, easy asanas which anyone can do, for stress relief. (more…)

Response to Article: Hey, Vegetarians and Vegans: You’re Not All That Healthy

My response to an article by Christine Egan entitled Hey, Vegetarians and Vegans: You’re Not All That Healthy. (more…)

Article: The Benefits of Yoga

There is a good article from the Yoga Journal discussing 38 ways yoga improves health. It seems they missed at least two: helping one to sleep better; vertigo. They left out fun, too. There are so many benefits, everyone should do it.

Read the article entitled Count on Yoga: 38 Ways Yoga Keeps You Fit.

Article: Yoga better than walking for mood, study confirms

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Letter I found: The perfect dish?

This was in the Globe and Mail letters section of 30 December 2009. (more…)

Green For Life, by Victoria Boutenko

Green For Life, by Victoria Boutenko is a good read in which Victoria talks about her research and decisions to begin eating green smoothies, which are food made from mainly green, leafy vegetables, that are blended up and drank. (more…)