Humour: Drafting Guys over 60

My brother sent me this email, and not only is it funny and was “obviously written by a Former Soldier”, it has a logical argument, though it may be offensive to some. Historically some other cultures saw the benefit of sending elders into combat. We should keep the youth at home.


Youtube: Fight FightHST – A Letter to Bill Vander Zalm

What Keith Martin Wants To Do

Now that the election is over, and Dr. Keith Martin is a private citizen, here is a video, from 2009, of him talking about what he wants to do.

Youtube: Harper & Palpatine

Stephen Harper steals speech from Emperor Palpatine

Letter to The Editor: The facts about sewage treatment

This excellent Letter to the Editor entitled The facts about sewage treatment by Ted Dew-Jones, was published in Monday Magazine, 30 September 2010. (more…)