Junior Toastmasters

An eight-week Toastmasters program has been running near my neighborhood, and yesterday I attended a session. I brought my Golden Gavel trophy and was one of the Mystery Masters with that trophy. The program is put on by the Goldstream Toastmasters club and open to youth aged 12 to 17. It was great! I really enjoyed it, and can see real potential in communication skills, presentation skills, and public speaking, from many of the participants.

During the session on Voice Projection I spoke about channeling nervousness into a body part, and about using shouting, early in a speech, to grab the audience’s attention.

An Education Training Session

I attended a Toastmasters training session today, as Vice-President of Education. I volunteered for this one-year position for three reasons:

  • There was a need in my club to fill this vacancy – it is one of the most important roles.
  • It is a good opportunity to network, and…
  • Improve my organization and networking skills.

It was quite the session, not what I expected, but was the most concrete and direct training I’ve had for club roles in Toastmasters, and this was my third training session.
One main topic of discussion was using charts to track member’s progress, and having these updated charts at each meeting. These would be good to motivate the group. We’d know what roles in a meeting that a member could perform, and what the objectives – the learning elements – of that particular role would be.
I will need to discuss with my club, order them, and get them set up.

Protected: Pushing the Boundaries – Part one

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A New Car

Mazda 2. We researched, shopped around, took it for a test drive, checked it out, and got it. It is a delight to drive and easy on gas.

Happy Anniversary – It Has Been A Year

Happy Anniversary to me. It has been exactly a year since my last blog post: December 13, 2011. It is nothing to be happy about. It isn’t like I have anything to say, and I do not want to use the excuse that I was too busy. I have been too busy the last few months, with a 20 percent increase in our client base, and my business partner out of commission. But now that I have an assistant in place, and did some productive organization, so now is the time.

A motivator is that I know three people who have recently or are currently publishing books, and have recently started working with a publishing company, a new client. I would love to publish a book. I don’t know what it would be on, but if I start blogging seriously, the material will come from that. Well, non-fiction anyway. Enough thoughts form in my brain, enough experiences happen. I will endeavour to post more, once per week. For content I could recap the past year, in segments, cover my business and personal growth, and ramble. No one reads this so I can say anything.

Now I have updated this WordPress site, back and front end, and will begin to post to my blog regularly. This cannot be considered a New Year’s Resolution, because I am making it in early December. So away I go. Or rather, here I come.

I woke up an hour earlier today

I woke up an hour earlier today. Daylight Savings Time ended on the weekend. Since the last time we moved to Daylight Savings Time, I have not set an alarm to wake up. I use my internal clock to wake me up. Before going to sleep I tell myself how many hours I will sleep, and what time I will wake up. (more…)