We Live In Paradise

Compared to the heat waves in many parts of North America this summer, our little corner of the world is like paradise. The humidity is not extreme, and it cools down at night. We do have ten months of non-stop, incessant wind, six months of gloom, and rains that can be non-stopĀ for weeks, so people who need plenty of sun should avoid this place. Plus, we have the inevitable earthquake hanging over our heads like a sword. But compared to heat waves and floods, it is very nice here.


We walked by a duck pond in early February, 2013, and there were 44 ducks in total, at least two different varieties. We had never seen so many ducks there, so we took some photos. Every year there are ducks in this pond, and baby duckling in the spring. Perhaps these ducks found it safer to be in the pond than out in the wild during duck hunting season. Or maybe these are generations of ducks returning for the breeding season.