Noreen Louise O’Hara

My cousin Noreen died on November 22, 2008 at 3:45 am at Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria, exactly three years ago today. It was two weeks after her 42nd birthday. At her funeral, a small funeral at St. Mary’s Cemetery in Chilliwack, after her brothers spoke, I said these words. They are based on notes I read from my BlackBerry. Her brothers thought that was appropriate, because when Noreen was in the hospital, I would visit her and afterwards, write and email a report for them. (more…)

Australian Drinking & Driving Ad

This very powerful drinking & driving commercial from Australia should be required viewing for every idiot who has a few and thinks ‘I’m OK, I can drive.’

Aunt Marie

I received sad news today, on the passing of my Aunt Marie, Mary Segatore. (more…)