Renewing a Book

Tried to renew a book through the Greater Victoria Public Library and received this error:

Oh Myyy! image

Oh Myyy!

It is so cute! It is the standard library message, but since the name of the book really is Oh Myyy, by George Takai, it looks great!

Richard Matheson

I heard Richard Matheson died two days ago, June 23, 2013, at the age of 87. He was quite the author. My first exposure to his work was when I read his short story Born of Man and Woman when I was around 10. It was in a collection, the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. What a story! So short, so many questions left unanswered. That was his first short story.

He went on to write so many stories, and screenplays, with some excellent ones being:

He was such a prolific writer and monumentally influential that his stories will probably be retold for centuries.

Book: Star Wars vs. Star Trek

I just finished reading Star Wars vs. Star Trek by Matt Forbeck which asks the question “Could the Empire kick the Federation’s Ass?” It is a nice, light, entertaining book that pits various characters and situations from the two sagas. Each section is introduced with a series of trivia questions. I scored 94 out of 120 on those trivia questions, which is 78%. Seven of those errors were for Star Trek questions, which isn’t bad, as I am a Star Trek fan and once spent an hour and a half with Gene Roddenberry. That is another story. Buy the book.