Another Trip On The Malahat

With all the construction, I stick to the speed limit. Cruise control helps. I have idiots fly by so often, vastly exceeding the posted speed limits, and of course no sign of the Integrated Doughnut Eating Unit to ticket them.  I have come to realize that the Malahat is a scenic and otherwise unexciting drive. All the so called ‘improvements’ to make it safer are a huge waste of money. I am sympathetic to those who have lost loved ones. Every death is a tragedy. But as long as people feel it is their own personal race track, it will continue to be unsafe. The problem is NOT the road. The problem is the speeding drivers. Investing on permanently mounted independent photo radar and significant fines would turn it into a cash cow for the government, easily covering the expense of the occasional doughnut eaters patrolling for speeders.

Nudists with Shoes – an Oxymoron?

I have noticed this bizarre thing, that so many nudists, or people who claim to be nudists, still wear shoes. It never made any sense to me, and I recently, through the SBL listserve, found an article that points out a prime example of how silly it is. Read Nude Men—But Not Really.

I find it silly enough that people wear shoes on a nice sandy beach, on a hot sunny day. They are wusses.

Psy’s Gangnam Style and the end of the World on Friday December 21, 2012.

No, it isn’t happening, the supposed prediction from Nostradamus that when Psy’s video reaches one billion viewers, the world will end. It was all invented, as reported at GMA News: admits to ‘inventing’ end of the world prophecy involving Gangnam style. It isn’t even a hoax, because there was no intent to deceive. It will be great if the video reaches one billion views on Friday, December 21st, 2012, the day some talkaloti conspiracy theorists say that because the Mayan calendar ends, the world would end. You would have to be living in a cave not to know that – it is all over the media. Or maybe you are living in a cave because you are stocked up with food and supplies for whatever cataclysm overtakes us.

I was about ten years old when I first heard of that date on the Mayan calendar, and thought it would be fascinating to spend the day at an ancient Mayan Temple, perhaps waiting for the aliens to return – that is one interpretation, that the Mayan gods will return. That means: the aliens are coming! That would be fun.

Instead, I will help Psy get to 1,000,000,000 views. I showed his video at my Toastmasters group today, and sent the YouTube link to my BNI group. I am doing my part. Nice catchy song, interesting video. Shallow but sure is entertaining. For your enjoyment, and to make it easier for me to find the video, here is a link to Psy’s Gangnam Style on YouTube, and embedded here. As of this embedding, the count is 971,518,818:



Article: The Organic Elite Surrenders to Monsanto: What Now?

This article is from Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Association, and is so vital to know, I have included the entire article. (more…)

Letter to The Editor: The facts about sewage treatment

This excellent Letter to the Editor entitled The facts about sewage treatment by Ted Dew-Jones, was published in Monday Magazine, 30 September 2010. (more…)

Australian Drinking & Driving Ad

This very powerful drinking & driving commercial from Australia should be required viewing for every idiot who has a few and thinks ‘I’m OK, I can drive.’

A truly stupid idea: Cancer-fighting additive weighed for junk food

The following CBC article concerns adding something to junk food to fight cancer. The headline is misleading. (more…)