Help: How to import Contacts into Microsoft Outlook 2013

Create a .csv: Log into CRM -> Select by tag/other indicator -> Export as Excel -> Open and edit -> Save as .csv

Open Outlook 2013

Create a folder/address book in Microsoft Outlook 2013:¬†Lower left of navigation pane is … for Advanced -> Folders -> Contacts (This computer only) -> New Folder (right click) -> Rename (to rename) & Properties to define.

Import Contacts: File -> Open & Export -> Import / Export -> Import from another program or file -> Comma Separated Values -> Browse -> Options (pick about duplicates) -> Next (select a folder near the top, under Contacts -> Next -> Map Custom Fields -> (Click and drag if any missing) -> OK -> Finish.

Test: Create an email to test.

Article: BlackBerry Through the Years

Here is a slideshow of various BlackBerry products entitled BlackBerry Through the Years. I have owned five BlackBerrys over the years, loved them all, except for the last one, the Torch through Bell. More on this particular model later. Through tradeshows demonstrating and setting up our wireless products, and service calls, I have touched probably every BlackBerry model in Canada.

The Robot Spider

This is creepy, the way it moves. It is a robot with eight legs, programmed to move like a spider, and covered with a black material. View the video… (more…)

Help for victims of Locked In Syndrome – Two BBC articles

The technology in this article and video is incredible. This is the early works of viable and working technology that will help those who suffer from locked-in syndrome, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and more. As one article says The inner workings of the brain can now be read using low cost hardware. This technology would be termed a game changer or a 10X.
Read the articles and watch the videos: