Podcast: Better Pitching Principles

Listened to a good podcast from Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation: SPOS #376 – Better Pitching Principles With Peter Coughter. Ignore all the ‘ums’ from Peter when he starts off, it gets better. There are references to the Takahashi Style of visual presentations, without naming it. Mitch and Peter agree that one of the best skills to have is presentation skills. So true. I have seen some poor presentations, and I wonder why the deliverers get paid for such crap.

One piece of advice I’ll carry is that in team presentations, do not introduce each speaker. “And that concludes how to manufacture product X. Now Pat will talk about how to sell product X. Pat, come on up…” Boooooring. Pat should just start talking at the appropriate time. Good advice. Look at regular conversation, or movies. We don’t introduce each character, each action, like that. It is a dialogue.

Good podcast to listen to if you want to improve your presentations and public speaking skills. If you want help, some coaching on your presentation skills or public speaking, contact me.

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