Movie: Exodus: Gods and Kings

Watched the move Exodus: Gods and Kings, with Christian Bale. It was the story of Moses. A new tale, a re-imagining, and not a remake of the 1956 The Ten Commandments. I enjoyed the movie, the backdrops, the effects, the characters, though it is a big macho movie, with the stare downs, fight scenes, and chest thumping.

In the story, after Moses suffers a head injury, he begins to talk to God, and embarks on his journey to free the Israelites. After recruiting and carrying out terrorist activities, the plagues start. The movie gives explanations about each of the plagues except the last one, and the parting of the Red Sea, as being a series of events with one causing another, and coincidences which Moses was able to take advantage of. For the last plague, what medicinal or preventative measures does lamb’s blood, or the blood of any animal, counteracts the angel of death?

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