Driver Distractions

Stopped at Country Grocer on my drive back from Duncan this afternoon, as I often do to get a snack. After my purchase I saw a newspaper rack, and the cover story on The Province tabloid newspaper was about distracted driving and how it is killing us. I stopped to read the article.

After that, as I walked towards the exit I saw an acquaintance, Sonja, in the checkout. I stopped to say hello. We had a good talk. Sonja said she had been in a collision earlier that day. She was alright, but her van was a mess. She had been hit in an intersection by an older man who admitted to being distracted while driving.

I helped her with her groceries to her son’s car, which was parked opposite my little green Mazda2 over the median. We talked some more, said our goodbyes, she got in the car and I crossed the median to my car. I put the key in the door, but it would not turn! What? I looked inside. It was the wrong little green Mazda2! My Mazda2 was one row over. I had been distracted!

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