I saw a ghost this morning

This morning I saw a ghost, a white apparition, on my street.

It was six in the morning, as dark as night, being so close to the winter solstice. I was driving, one of the very rare times I drive to my office – oil change day. I backed down the driveway, and as I turned onto our road, looking through the rear view mirror, I saw a white shape in the distance glide by.

I looked, then peered intently. It wasn’t gliding, it was walking, and sometimes crouching down. It moved back and forth at the end of our street. It looked like it was following a black fuzz, or small black haze.

The apparition appeared to be wearing a white dress, and had shoulder length hair. I could not make out any detail on the black fuzz. The white apparition seemed preoccupied with the black fuzz, sometimes walking behind it, sometimes crouching when the black fuzz was close, then the black fuzz would quickly move away, and the white apparition would follow.

What was it? The safest assumption is that our neighbours have a new puppy, a black one, who was brought out for an early morning piddle trip. Since my eyes lack a tapetum lucidum, as all humans lack, any light colours she was wearing would have appeared white, and a black or dark coloured dog would have appeared as a black fuzz.

Mystery solved.

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