Squished A Slug

I squished a slug today, with my bike. Of course it was unintentional, but could have been avoided. In the park trail on my morning cycling commute there is a steep, winding hill. In cold weather I usually ride down the hill, hard on the brakes the whole time. But in better weather, above 7 degrees, I always cycle barefoot. Usually I get off my bike and walk down this hill, feeling the gravel beneath my bare feet, which is quite enjoyable and stimulating, especially in the rain.

Today I decided not to walk down the hill, but to cycle all the way down. As soon as I was on top of it, I saw it, too late: this big, greenish banana slug partially hidden by leaves. I try so hard to avoid them, often swerving and braking around all the slugs, at least three varieties, and snails, on the bike trail.

I’ll go back to walking down that hill.

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