The Chimney

Friday as I was about to leave on my daily commute, I heard an unusual buzzing from the chimney.My first thought was that it was the neighbours. One of them has been blasting, after subdividing, and plans to build and sell a house. Then I realized the buzzing was traveling through the wood stove. My next thought was that the blasting had weakened our chimney, and it was about to topple over. What do i do? Do I stay away, in case pieces fall through the roof? Do I race outside and risk moving the car?

Then I realized the buzzing was intermittent. As I walked closer to the wood stove, when the buzzing stopped, I could hear a bird. The bird’s calls were coming from within the chimney!

I opened the wood stove. I didn’t expect to see the bird, because there is not a direct wide enough pass-way from the chimney intake to the wood stove. The wood stove is full of paper and wood, because I don’t use it, except in an emergency, and there has been no emergency in over two years. It is full and waiting to go.

I realized that if a bird is trapped inside, we have to get it out. How? Do I leave, and leave a note on the table to cal the SPCA or some such? No, thaought would not be fair. I should try to get it out. That means moving the wood stove. But it has never been moved since it was installed ages ago.

I cleared it off, and tried to move it. Heavy. Too heavy for me alone. All the while, in between the buzzing and rattling, I heard the bird calling. Poor thing. Maybe there is a nest in there?

I decided to go outside and see. That is easier and quicker than moving the wood stove.

I went on the rock and looked up at the chimney. There is a metal cap over the chimney, keeping rain from dripping in. On top of the metal cap was a woodpecker. The woodpecker would peck the metal cap, like woodpeckers do, which caused the buzzing. When the woodpecker stopped, it would sing out, then resume the pecking. I burst out laughing. While thinking of ways to chase off the woodpecker, it flew away. Woodpeckers are not the smartest birds out there.

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