The world would be a happier place if we could smile on our passport photos

We are not allowed to smile on our passport, drivers license, and other ID photos.┬áNow, we have to look so serious. For passports, this has an effect on Customs agents. It has to! Looking at thousands of grumpy passport photos all day affects their whole mental attitude. If they saw all these smiling faces it would lighten them up. “Hey, great photo, looks like you were having a great day.” Customs officers would become cheery, happy representatives of their countries, and in no way taking away from the seriousness of their jobs.

Do terrorists smile? Do they look happy? If not, what a great way to pre-screen people. And its free! Suspect those who don’t smile, and don’t pick on the average, cheery gal or guy.

Getting passport and drivers license and other ID photos would be more fun. Instead of “look straight ahead, don’t smile and look serious“, it would be “Smile and look at the little birdie. Squeak squeak.”

How do they do it in Bhutan with their Gross National Happiness? Do they smile on their passport photos?

One of the best ways cheer ourselves up is to smile, a real genuine smile, with eyes turned up, lips parted and teeth showing. Try it! Smile, and the world smiles with you!

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