Presentation: How Can You Generate Unlimited Referrals?

This presentation of How Can You Generate Unlimited Referrals? is taken from the Successnet website How Can You Generate Unlimited Referrals?

You know the usual: Wow your clients. Demonstrate a high level of service to everyone who comes in contact with your business, because everyone who comes in contact with your business is a potential customer or referral source. Exceed their expectations. Once you have wowed your clients, collect testimonials. One way is to survey your clients at the beginning, middle, and end of the sales process. Maybe send a gift (flowers, cookies, etc.) along with your testimonial requests. You will be at the top of their minds, and they will be more likely to respond. Collect your surveys in writing by using short, quick-answer questionnaires of ten questions or less. Here are sample questions:

  1. Why did you choose to do business with us?
  2. Was your transaction completed on time? YES / NO
  3. How would you rate our courtesy? EXCELLENT / GOOD / FAIR / POOR
  4. How would you rate our efficiency and speed? EXCELLENT / GOOD / FAIR / POOR
  5. How would you evaluate the competitiveness of the price you received on your product? EXCELLENT / GOOD / FAIR / POOR
  6. Overall, how would you rate the service you received during this transaction? EXCELLENT / GOOD / FAIR / POOR
  7. Have you ever purchased a similar product / used a similar service, from another company other? YES / NO
  8. Did we meet or exceed your expectations?
  9. How could we have done better?
  10. Would you recommend us to a friend or relative? YES / NO

Ask for permission to share these experiences for your marketing material. This will be for the next step, which is…

Generate case studies: Combine the data from these questionnaires with specific measurable results your client experienced, and write that up into a case study which has a clear explanation of your service, and how you helped your client.

Put these case studies on your website. Pass them on:

  • Use them to educate your centers of influence and referral sources. Give them copies of several case studies so they can see the financial incentives that their friends, and business contacts could achieve by working with you.
  • Do a presentation at your BNI meeting!
  • Give a copy to the client. And point out how they are better off as a result of working with you. Encourage them to share with their network, so word gets out about how you may be able to help them achieve similar results!

In conclusion: When you deliver a high level of service, and then

  • Collect testimonials,
  • Build case studies,
  • And share them,

Your clients and colleagues will jump at the chance to tell their family, friends, and co-workers about your service, and you will generate many more referrals.


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