Talk: Dr. B. Duncan McKinlay

Attended a talk by Dr. B. Duncan McKinlay, a psychologist in London Ontario, who runs a program called Leaky Brakes. He is doing ground-breaking research in his field, and says that the way we attempt to manage children with a wide range of neurological issues is wrong, that traditional methods do not work. Here are my rough notes:

Leaky Brakes 101 Course. Child and Parent Resource institute.

Siblings with lower self-control have poorer outcomes despite shared family backgrounds.

ADHD = Attention Focus Disorder

Intellectual or Neural Developmental Disability

“…forcing compliance misses the point: they want to comply too.”

Poor self-regulation

There is nothing to do about Rage once it starts. “I don’t remember” is a defense mechanism.


  • Do a brake job, cognitive-behavioral techniques and pharmaceuticals.
  • Find a detour: accommodate as opposed to modify.
  • Provide an external brake by compensating what is lacking internally.

Teacher’s assistant/Special Needs = Surrogate Frontal Lobe.



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