Presentation Outline: Website Assessments

Goals of a business website:

  • To make a good impression.
  • Put across your competence, trustworthiness, professionalism. Do you look like you can do the job?
  • Generate business.

Do this all in a very short time, or they will leave.

Splash page: Do not do them.

  • Don’t make me think’.
  • Tells me nothing.
  • Kiss Google placement goodbye.

Does it grab your attention? I like Fhoss Canada because we had to put across the uniqueness of the product in a very brief time.

Branding: Perfectly Clear

  • Tie-in between website and physical presence.
  • Orange website, orange vehicles and uniforms, same logo, it all matches.

Colours & imagery: West Coast Pre Fab

  • Are powerful! They affect our feelings, perceptions, and interactions.
  • A good colour scheme on a website can help create a positive user experience.
  • Good solid, industrial feel, mouse overs.
  • Good tip, work with your designers to determine the message you want to put across, the look and feel you want to convey, and then leave it to them to make you look great.

Identification: Cycle Therapy
Tells a website visitor the purpose of your website, who or what your business is and where, if applicable, you are located, geographic or demographic market.
Bikes / Duncan market / Phone & address / CTA

Title tags: What Google sees.

Mobile: Explosive growth in tablets and smartphones, so websites need to have Responsive Website Design / RWD: Cycle Therapy

To conclude: A good business website puts across:

  • Your professionalism.
  • What you do.
  • Where you do it, your geographic or target market.
  • What to do on the site: CTA / Call To Action
  • How to contact you.

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