Presentation: Social Media part three: Social Media Business Equation

Rough notes for a speech on the Social Media Business Equation.

  1. Picture this:
  2. At a party, step in door. Tall, good looking stranger smiles, comes over & says:
  3. (Shouting) Do you want to buy any stocks? Do you have an RRSP? I’m a financial Planner. Do you have a retirement plan?
  4. Sadly, that is how too many businesses do their social media: the wrong way.
  5. SM is not broadcasting. It isn’t like radio or TV advertising. It isn’t shouting out the message.
  6. SM: Is a conversation. Talking w/, not at.
  7. Me broadcast now. Us around a table over tea: conversation.
  8. So why do so many do it wrong? Ignorance.
  9. They don’t know how to use social media as a tool, and they don’t know what to say. They don’t know how to engage.
  10. There is a solution, a formula, about what to do in social media. It doesn’t matter if you use FB, or Tw, Lnk, or any, the formula is the same.
  11. It is the SM business Equation, courtesy of “The Social Media Business Equation by Eve Mayer Orsburn.
  • 20% Information
  • 20% Entertainment
  • 40% Interaction
  • 20% Business

What’s that mean?

20% Information – valuable nuggets, educate them, make it worth their while.

  1. Show that you are the expert in your field.
  2. Talk about things related to your differentiator, what sets you apart, what they should know about your industry.
  3. Could be: own original content; others’ content with commentary.
  4. Example: Real estate – life in the Cowichan. Bookkeeping/accounting – Return to GST and annual filing.

20% Entertainment – humour, news, WOW them.

  • Make them look forward to your posts.
  • Example: Chris, your ongoing dog saga with Terry.

40% Interaction

  1. Don’t ignore the people you connect to, respond to them.
  2. If they comment on your content, respond.
  3. Go through your timelines or social media streams and comment on their posts, retweet, repin
  4. If they blog, if a major or potentially major customer blogs, comment on their blog posts
  5. Stay in touch with them.
  6. Deal with them as people.

20% Business – When you ask for the business.

Success is when ppl do action you want. Could be:

  1. Register for your event (workshop, seminar)
  2. Fill out a form (Request a quote)
  3. Call or email you
  4. Book a showing
  5. Review your portfolio
  6. Attend your open house
  7. Share your content
  8. Check out your restaurant menu or specials
  9. Book your services
  10. ‘Like’ you or Follow you
  11. Spread the word about you

All good stuff. You can track ROI.

Example: Organizing a trip, a European River Cruise, or the West Coast Trail.

Give a teaser, outline. Full info avail on website, after registering.

If you follow SMBE, they:

– know you authority, (20% info)

– fun to be around (20% humour/entertain)

– are for real, have an interest in them (40% interact)

Some will go to website, register to receive full itinerary.

Track who registers… ROI.

Conclude: for biz success with SM, follow SMBE:

If you do

  • 20% Information
  • 20% Entertainment
  • 40% Interaction
    Then when you ask for the
  • 20% Business
    you’ll have success.

Any questions?

Thank you.

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