Restaurant: K&Y

Went to the K&Y Restaurant in Chilliwack with my father. It was not impressive, and I do not think the restaurant will last very long. There was only one other table occupied. The phone was not ringing off the hook for take-out orders. The washroom was dirty. Is that an indication of the rest of the place? They offer an all-you-can-eat menu, in which food is ordered a plate at a time. But most items, as far as we can tell, had gluten. The waitress did not know. The only difference we noticed between the beef & broccoli and the chow mien was the scarcity of broccoli in the chow mien. They tasted the same. When we wanted to pay and leave, we had to wait. Another employee was on the phone, and till, and we had to wait until the till was free to pay. Not an impressive visit.

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