Winner of the 67th Golden Gavel 2013 Speech Contest

I entered the Golden Gavel public speaking contest and won!

I found out about this contest a week before the deadline for entry. I was hesitant – lots going on, but since the contest is only open to novice speakers – those with less than 18 months of formal speakers training – I could not delay it until next year. When I read the list of past winners I took inspiration from someone I have known for almost twenty years, Art Sutherland as the winner in 1996, I decided to go for it. I entered the preliminary round against six others with my speech Always Be Nice To People, and placed first. A week later at the finals on February 23rd, with a total of seven contestants, I came in first, with my speech Perseverance.
My first trophy! Woo woo! I have never won anything before based my own efforts. Now I can call myself an award-winning speaker.
My Toastmaster’s club, the Uptown Rollers, put my photo on their website. This club becomes the second youngest Toastmasters club to have a member win the Golden Gavel.

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