Amy Lee or Katherine Jenkins – Which Singer Do You Prefer, and Why?

I am a big fan of Amy Lee of Evanescence – such a passionate and intense singer! What a powerful voice! I often lip sync or sing to her music before I do public speaking.

Two of my favourites are Going Under and Bring Me To Life. Today while viewing Bring Me To Life on Youtube I came upon that same song performed by Katherine Jenkins. What a coincidence! I was introduced to Katherine Jenkins a week before while watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special: A Christmas Carol. What an incredible voice Katherine Jenkins has! Such melody and soothing sounds in Abigails Song!

Let’s compare these two powerful singers and their beautiful voices side by side on the same song:

Amy Lee:

Katherine Jenkins:

Though Katherine Jenkins has a smoother and nicer voice than Amy Lee, she lacks the emotion, the feeling, the intensity. I prefer the raw emotion of Amy Lee.

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