On New Business Ideas

This week one of my favourite magazines, Profit, had an article about entrepreneurs entitled, 3 Big Fat Lies About Entrepreneurs, which states that entrepreneurs do not need to be innovators, nor experts, nor young. Reading the article is coincidental timing. This week two opportunities for new businesses came on my radar. One as a result of a pending closure, another from a chance conversation about the impact of computers on a segment of the population.

Tie these in with a quote from one of my favourite speaking coaches, whose guidance allowed me to win the Golden Gavel award, Darren LaCroix, who said The only thing worse than being a late bloomer, is being a never bloomer. It is never too late.

I should take the timing of the article and the quote as a sign, and pursue these two new ideas. Neither are simple, both will take a high degree of coordination, but I appreciate a challenge. The bigger challenge will be continuing to run my current companies while trying to get these two ideas set up, and eventually run by a manager. Neither business ideas are in the website development field, so will be a change from my daily activities.

Should be fun!

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