Another Trip On The Malahat

With all the construction, I stick to the speed limit. Cruise control helps. I have idiots fly by so often, vastly exceeding the posted speed limits, and of course no sign of the Integrated Doughnut Eating Unit to ticket them.  I have come to realize that the Malahat is a scenic and otherwise unexciting drive. All the so called ‘improvements’ to make it safer are a huge waste of money. I am sympathetic to those who have lost loved ones. Every death is a tragedy. But as long as people feel it is their own personal race track, it will continue to be unsafe. The problem is NOT the road. The problem is the speeding drivers. Investing on permanently mounted independent photo radar and significant fines would turn it into a cash cow for the government, easily covering the expense of the occasional doughnut eaters patrolling for speeders.

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