An Education Training Session

I attended a Toastmasters training session today, as Vice-President of Education. I volunteered for this one-year position for three reasons:

  • There was a need in my club to fill this vacancy – it is one of the most important roles.
  • It is a good opportunity to network, and…
  • Improve my organization and networking skills.

It was quite the session, not what I expected, but was the most concrete and direct training I’ve had for club roles in Toastmasters, and this was my third training session.
One main topic of discussion was using charts to track member’s progress, and having these updated charts at each meeting. These would be good to motivate the group. We’d know what roles in a meeting that a member could perform, and what the objectives – the learning elements – of that particular role would be.
I will need to discuss with my club, order them, and get them set up.

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