An Annual Checkup

Every year I accompany a family member to the local hospital for a checkup of one of the body organs. Usually we see a technician who performs an ultrasound for about 20-30 minutes. During this time we wait, wondering and worrying. Then the doctor comes in, does what appears to be the same ultrasound procedure in about half the time, gives us a brief synopsis, then brings us into his office to talk more. So far, fortunately, to tell us everything is alright.

This year, the technician was still on vacation, so the doctor did the ultrasound and all. It was quick, and early on, he explained that ¬†everything is still¬†alright. I much prefer this way of doing it. My impression is that the regular tech is almost redundant. I wonder if it is a ‘hospital policy’ thing that breeds inefficiency?

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