Thoughts on Body Types and Wrong Information

I have been reading the Yoga diet book, which states that, in Ayurvedic medicine there are three body types. The book contains a simple sell questionnaire for determining the body type. I took the test, whcih corresponds with other times I have taken this Ayervedic type of test, with the same result each time: my body type is Kapha.

The book gives a list of foods each body type should eat, including super foods they should aim to eat the most of, and foods they should avoid. In my case, a low fat, low sugar and no dairy regimen of eating. Another of the body types, Vata, does well by having more fats in the diet.

I’ve been reading the Mercola website about fructose, which is one type of sugar, and have been reducing my intake of fructose. Today on the Mercola site I read:
“… these contradictory results actually support nutritional typing, which predicts that one-third of people will do very well on low saturated fat diets (which supports the studies showing that they work), but another one-third of people need high saturated fat diets to stay healthy.”[Ref]

A cascade of information can easily lead to the wrong conclusion.

It works like this: Someone has a bit of wrong information, but they are confident about it so they spout it out. A second person who is unsure decides that the first person must be right, and chooses to go along with that theory. A third and forth person who may have had a right answer, then changes their minds because they believe the two others must know more and be correct.

And on it goes as each person assumes the others can’t be wrong.

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