Letter I found: The perfect dish?

This was in the Globe and Mail letters section of 30 December 2009.This well written response to another poster is here in its entirety, because I agree with the writer, Chef Bruce Wood’s, sentiments that our health issues are the result of our consumption of processed foods.

The perfect dish?

Contrary to what letter writer Donald Ward (The Fat Connection – Dec. 28) believes – that 16 tablespoons of fat in chef Rob Feenie’s recipe for roast game hen with choucroute and mashed potatoes (My Sister’s Best Recipe: Comfort Foot – Dec. 23) are too much – I disagree that these sorts of dishes are causing the obesity epidemic. As a chef and cooking instructor, I teach balance, sustainability and, most important, cooking from scratch in addition to knowing the integrity of your ingredients.

The dish Chef Feenie prepared is for a special occasion and, as a result, is not one that anyone would consume on a regular basis. I believe the problem is our dependence on packaged, prepared foods. When you start using tinned soups and cook and heat pot roasts and other culinary abominations, you surrender all control over your fat, sodium and additive intake. It’s not difficult to cook healthy, well-balanced meals and still maintain a busy lifestyle.

Instead of taking on a single chef and small business owner, why not tackle the food giants that are pushing a diet of convenience at the expense of our health.

Bruce Wood, chef/owner, Bruce’s Kitchen, Salt Spring Island, B.C

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    glad you found and enjoyed the letter. It has set off a flurry of responses mostly pro about not eating processed foods.

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