Low Fructose: One Month

It has been a month. What has changed?I will admit I have not been 100% strict with low fructose, and have wavered on some days. But from wavering, I am learning how foods affect me. I can have junk-free, wheat-free, low fructose days and be full of energy all day. I don’t have energy dips after lunch and don’t feel like snoozing at my desk. I can stay productive all day.

One summer, years ago, I worked in a unionized government warehouse. The older guys would take smoke breaks, frequently. When I came along, one in particular would watch me move two boxes, then would stop me while he had a smoke break. I’d move two more boxes, then he’d smoke another one. It was such a waste of time and effort that it really motivated me to continue my education. Truthfully it wasn’t the smokers that did it. It was when the highlight of the day for the warehouse crew was putting sheets of bubble wrap over the floor and then driving the forklift back and forth across it and listening to it pop. I refused to end up like that.

I’ve wondered, would a non-smoker be more productive? Not necessarily. Smokers just need to limit their breaks. But since I’ve been changing my eating habits, I find I can have high energy all day. Am I more productive because I don’t get dozy after lunch and run out for a chocolate bar? Or vegetate in front of my computer until it passes? I don’t need to frequent the coffee machine either. I don’t need the morning java juice to get me going. Is someone who eats like me more productive?

I hear from other raw food people: cookbook authors, sprouters, health advocates, that yes, they are high energy, and they are more productive since they started eating like this. Next time I hire, I’ll look for this on resumes.

Over the past month, as good as the cereal had become, I don’t do it anymore. Two weeks ago after I killed the Magic Bullet, we purchased the Vita-Mix 5200 Blender, and it is terrific. Now I put everything in, and I mean everything: greens, fruits, berries, nuts, spices, herbs, olive oil, water, and blend it up. That super-smoothie is breakfast and my daily drink, with an apple or salad for lunch. Fast. Easy. Healthy.

Many people who eat mainly raw foods talk about percents of the food mix in their diets: vegetables vs fruits vs nuts. One very healthy person I use as a personal example has 80% fruit, about 15% vegetable, and the remaining 5% nuts. Another has 1/3 of each. I am learning where I fit, and it seems closer to 50% vegetable, 20% fruit, and 30% nut.

After a month my weight is still the same, my waist is still the same, blood pressure is still nice and low. My legs seem more muscular, though 20 KM a day sure helps. But my understanding of which food affects me has certainly increased. Now that the vegetable garden is in, I’ll be eating many more greens at harvest time, and looking forward to learning more.

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